Graduate Curriculum Committee

The charge of the Committee, which has representation from each academic unit within the CEHP follows.

The College of Education and Health Professions Graduate Curriculum Committee shall:

  1. Review, interpret, and recommend changes in all graduate policies including intercollegiate programs. The Committee shall recommend approval or disapproval of curriculum proposals, off-campus programs, and new degree programs.
  2. Review the policies and procedures of graduate programs involving faculty members from multiple departments, multiple colleges, or multiple institutions, and ensure that all faculty members participating in the program have an appropriate role in governing the program.
  3. Give voice privileges to any program, including intercollegiate programs, with matters before the Committee.
  4. Distribute its decisions to the College faculty. If none of the Assembly challenges any action made by the committee within five (5) business days after notification, the committee’s action shall be considered ratified. However, if five (5) or more members of the Assembly register written objections with the Chairperson of the Committee within five (5) business days after ratification, a College Assembly meeting shall be called to resolve the issue in question if the matter is not otherwise resolved to the satisfaction of the parties involved.
  5. Assist the Dean in identifying duplication of courses across programs and academic units in the College and explore methods to reduce unnecessary duplication.

Committee Members

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Following Unit approval, please submit complete forms to the CEHP Graduate Curriculum Committee by emailing the forms as a PDF the Committee Chair.