Michael Pelts

Assistant Professor

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Graduate Certificate Public Health University of Missouri
PhD Social Work University of Missouri - Columbia
MSW Social Work Portland State University
BS Social and Rehabilitation Services University of Southern Mississippi


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Burgess, D., & Pelts, M. (2010). Profile of the entering class of 2009.


2019 UALR Fall

ADP Internship I (SOWK8503)
Methods of Social Work Res (SOWK3322)
Soc Wel Policy/Services (SOWK7350)

2019 UALR Spring

Foundations III (SOWK7331)
Human Behav/Soc Envir II (SOWK3304)

2018 UALR Fall

Methods of Social Work Res (SOWK3322)
Soc Wel Policy/Services (SOWK7350)