Liz Brazeel

Liz BrazeelAdvisor for:

Pre-admits in Elementary Education, Middle Childhood Education, and Special Education

Fine Arts   261

Liz Brazeel is a University of Arkansas graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. She has taught in elementary schools in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and primarily, Denver, Colorado for over twenty years. She has had extensive experience in many diverse school communities, different grades, subjects, curriculums, and districts. Working with students at UA Little Rock revitalizes her spirit knowing she can help future educators move
forward in their careers and lives.

Her desire to encourage students to pursue their career in teaching stems from her own passion for working with young people. Her devotion to positive communication even in challenging situations will help students navigate their journey here. She will listen to student’s interests and help guide them to choose what is best during their first 35 hours. Whether on-line, main campus, or a transfer student; she is excited to get to know every student and help them on their way to becoming teachers.

Liz grew up in Warren, and moved back to Arkansas in 2016 after 32 years to be closer to those she loves in Little Rock. You might pass her on the Arkansas River bike trail. She also loves traveling to visit her daughters in NWA and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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