Advanced Standing

The number of hours required to complete the Master of Arts in Counseling with Emphasis in Rehabilitation Counseling degree may be reduced based on prior relevant academic training or work experience. This is called Advanced Standing. No more than six hours maximum can be awarded for Advanced Standing.

Documentation needed:

  • Letter from HR or supervisor stating job title as “Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor” on company/agency letterhead

A student may gain advanced standing based on having at least three years of work experience as a rehabilitation counselor. Three through five years of work experience as a rehabilitation counselor at the time of admission is equivalent to 3 credit hours in the Rehabilitation Counseling Program. Six or more years of work experience as a rehabilitation counselor at the time of admission is equivalent to 6 credit hours.

Advanced standing may also be awarded to students that hold an undergraduate degree in Rehabilitation Studies from a regionally accredited institution. An undergraduate degree in Rehabilitation Studies would reduce the program requirements by 6 credit hours for such students.

Please note that persons seeking licensure will need to ensure that there courses meet the requirements for the State to which they are applying. Advanced standing students may need to take additional courses to meet these requirements.