Important Advising Note

Once you are admitted to a CHPR program, your advisor is a faculty member not a staff member. Faculty members have the responsibilities to: 1) teach, 2) service obligations, and 3) advise. In addition, some faculty are also responsible for research.

Faculty members are required to schedule advising time and inform you of that reserved time. If you do not take advantage of that reserved time, a couple of things happen:

  1. Faculty have moved on to the other responsibilities required of them by the university.
  2. The course you want could be full or closed. Closed courses cannot be reopened. Full courses cannot always accept overload students.
  3. It is essential that you schedule advising time when you are notified that the advising window is open. Faculty members are not responsible for tracking down a student who fails to do so.
  4. UA Little Rock faculty and staff are required to use your UA Little Rock email address to communicate with you. Be sure to check your email often.