Midterm meeting madness

Since the Fall of 2010, the CLC Coordinator has met with scholars in the program to go over their courses and discuss their successes and struggles. To prepare, CLC staff collects progress reports from faculty members across campus to better assess how the students are performing. We used these reports when meeting with students and advising their next steps throughout the academic term. This was the first year we decided to collect progress reports online, resulting in greater efficiency of both time and resources. Also with the addition of a Graduate Assistant, we met with many more scholars this year. The Coordinator focused on the freshmen students while the Graduate Assistant focused on returning students in their sophomore and junior years.

In Fall 2014, The Coordinator met with all 183 freshmen. This was the first time that all freshmen attended a midterm meeting. The Graduate Assistant met with 189 students (122 sophomores and 67 juniors). A total of 372 scholars attended the midterm meetings during the fall semester, another record for the program.

In Spring 2015, The Coordinator met with all 176 freshmen who remained in the program. The Graduate Assistant met with 102 students (72 sophomores and 30 juniors). A total of 278 students attended the midterm meetings during the spring semester. The numbers being down can be attributed to no sophomore class being offered during the spring semester.

Freshmen and sophomore students next year are required to attend meetings as a part of their scholarship requirements. Midterm meetings are one of the major reasons for CLC’s retention success and growth.

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