Reach 13,000 Food Drive

The annual Reach 13,000 Food Drive is complete and the UALR campus family has provided more than 13,600 canned goods and nearly $1,000 in cash for distribution to area organizations. This has accumulated to just over 15,000 items donated, surpassing previous records.

Reach 13,000 Food Drive is the largest group service project at UALR. Students annually lead the campus community in collecting food items for an estimated 200,000 hungry children in Arkansas.

CLC hosted four major events throughout the year collecting non-perishable food items, fostering community, and building student activities that reached attendance numbers never seen before in the program.

Events hosted by CLC include: Kickball Tournament during opening week activities (August 17th), Boys Will be Girls (September 30th), Corpse Ball (October 28th), and Battle of the Talents (November 4th).

Kickball Tournament had over 500 students in attendance, bringing out various organizations, Greek life, and students on campus. Boys Will be Girls and Corpse Ball were new events added to the agenda this year for the program. Boys Will be Girls was an event where guys across campus dressed up as women and participated in a pageant-style format. We had over 200 students in attendance for this event. Over 300 students attended the Corpse Ball (a little play on words for Corps), reclaiming a long tradition from past years of CLC hosting Halloween parties for UALR students. Battle of the Talents this year had around 250 students in attendance and is tied with the longest running activity by CLC, along with Kickball Tournament, since Fall 2011.

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