Senior Spotlights

Adrianna Dodson

Adrianna Dodson is a finance major with an accounting minor.  As a CLC scholar for the 2017-2018 year, she is a senior peer mentor for the CLC program, candidate coordinator for Beta Alpha Psi, and a member of the UA Little Rock chapter of the NAACP.  Adrianna has had a pretty good experience at UA Little Rock filled with opportunities and friendships and has been able to network with professionals from all over the state of Arkansas.  Through the CLC scholars program, Adrianna has been able to develop as a leader through her journey as a peer mentor in the program since her sophomore year.  When it comes to Adrianna’s favorite experience at UA Little Rock, she reflects on an opportunity she was awarded through the university.  Adrianna got to attend a National Conference in Baltimore through Beta Alpha Psi where she was able to develop bonds with students from all over the United States.


Kiauna Rome


Kiauna Rome is a marketing major with minors in information technology & professional selling. As a CLC scholar for the 2017-2018 academic year, she is the vice president of the Admissions ambassadors, former president of Student Marketing Association (SMA), and a Former College of Business Ambassador & Student Government Association Senator. Kiauna’s UA Little Rock experience has been great! She feels she has learned so much about herself while being here. Through the CLC scholars program, she has been able to make tons of connections. Kiauna’s favorite experience at UA Little Rock has been, being chosen to be the student keynote speaker at the College of Business Alumni Luncheon. After graduation, she hopes to be working for Amazon!


Tyren Tidwell

Tyren Tidwell is a marketing major. As a Senior CLC scholar for the 2017-2018 academic year, he is a UPC Committee Executive and Associate Justice for SGA. In addition, for the years 2016-2017, he was a College of Business Ambassador and Vice President of Student Marketing Association. Tyren’s experience at UA Little Rock has been surprisingly great. Although being an introvert, he found himself taking on more and more responsibility every year. He has made a lot of connections and great friends. The college of business has introduced him to so many companies that could offer him very good jobs. With help from the UA Little Rock faculty, he was able to find himself his freshman year. With the CLC scholars program, Tyren was encouraged to open up and get to know more people. He has met great people through the program and has grown increasingly confident in his interpersonal communication. In addition, he has learned to appreciate volunteering with different organizations. He believes that volunteering as a CLC scholar was fun because CLC is a very diverse group. Recently, Tyren has been recognized by a National Student Leadership organization and asked to attend the National Student Leadership Forum in Washington, D.C. in October of 2017. After Graduation, he plans to work with different companies as a market research analyst.


Katelyn Lauderdale

Katelyn Lauderdale is a double major in Anthropology and Criminal Justice. With UA Little Rock and the CLC program, she has accomplished many things. As a CLC scholar between the academic years of 2015-2017, she was an RA in West Hall for her sophomore and junior year. She feels being in the CLC program has allowed her to grow as a scholar and as a genuine human being. After graduation, she plans to get a PhD in Forensic Anthropology in hopes of working as a forensic anthropologist for the FBI, a Medical Examiner’s office, or for a Natural History museum. Katelyn is currently participating in an internship with the Metropolitan Police Department in D.C. with The Washington Center. She has enjoyed her time here at UA Little Rock and considers her experience to have been worthwhile.

Mercedes Parker


Mercedes Parker is an Interdisciplinary studies and Nursing major. As a senior CLC scholar for the 2016-2017 academic year, she is a member multiple student organizations and is involved with campus life’s intramurals program. Mercedes’s campus involvement includes UPC, Sociology club, Ladies Who Launch and intramural referee. Mercedes has really enjoyed her experience at UALR the past 3 years. She has been able to meet people and make connections that she will never forget. “UALR was the best school I could have chosen to attend” Mercedes says. CLC has played a huge role in her time at UALR and her experiences. Without this scholarship she would not have had the opportunity to attend college, which she has loved. CLC introduced her to some of her best friends she has made in college. Mercedes plans to continue her education and apply for the nursing program this coming January. She wants to continue learning and experience new things life has to offer her.

Brittany Wright


Brittany Wright is a public relations major with a minor in marketing. As a senior CLC scholar for the 2015-2016 academic year, she is a member in multiple student organizations and is serving as a RA for the 3rd year. Brittany’s campus involvement includes Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority where she serve as the Global impact Chair, Vice President of Public Relations Student Society of America, NAACP, a journalism intern through EIT, and the vice President of Kappa Tau Alpha. Brittany says her “UALR experience was one of the greatest things that has ever happened” to her. Being located in a metropolitan city, there is the opportunity for more than enough growth through networking and community connections. She has had the pleasure of having some of the best professors and has made some of her very best friends while at UALR. It has been an experience she wouldn’t trade for any other. Brittany’s college experience has been made better with the help of CLC. CLC has not only been a help to Brittany financially but also has developed her as a leader these past four years. She loved being able to move on campus earlier than other freshman and have the chance to learn how to be on her own with the other scholars by her side. Just about every person she has grown to know and love were a part of her CLC class and she would like to thank Nick for the great experience. Brittany plans to get her feet wet in the PR field after she graduates and hopes to one day go to graduate school to get a Masters degree.

Javari Burnett


Javari Burnett is a mass communications major with a minor in psychology.   As a senior CLC scholar for the 2015-2016 academic year, he is active in multiple campus organization, committed to volunteer work, and uses his spare time to read and write. Javari is currently a member of African American Male Initiative, Chancellor’s Leadership Corps, McNair Scholars and is the former Senator at Large for the Student Government Association. Javari does most of his volunteering with the Arkansas Food Bank and Salvation Army.   He says UALR is a “hidden treasure” and he has been able to fully grow into a better person throughout his time here. The chance to further his education, make long lasting relationships with new friends, and being given opportunities to succeed in the real world are just a few of his highlights over the past four years at UALR.   Javari has CLC to thank for bringing him to find such a treasure and shaping him as a person. After his first interview and interaction with the program he “knew UALR was [his] university.” CLC has not only taught him to learn, lead and serve, but to also become a better community member and how to make a difference in the world. He has high hopes that future scholars will benefit from the program just as much as he has. As a current intern at Channel 7 news, he hopes to become a new reporter after graduation and someday land on Good Morning America as a news anchor. He has a passion for storytelling and wants the chance to capture the eyes and hearts of viewers around the world.

Alexandra Hutchins


Alexandra Hutchins is a Health Sciences major. As a senior CLC scholar for the 2015-2016 academic year, she is very active on and off campus. CLC has helped her branch out on campus where she participates in many organizations. Alexandra is a part of the UALR dance team. She has enjoyed her college experience and considered it memorable and entertaining.  She is beyond thankful for CLC and says that it gave her the guidance and motivation she needed for her “bump in the road” that occurred her junior year. After graduation, she plans to apply for physical therapy school in the fall.

Katelin Bell

Katelin Bell

Katelin Bell is a Nursing major here at UALR. She loves UALR, saying that the campus and classes are small enough that she always sees a familiar face. Katelin thinks that the faculty is excellent, and she has formed friendships with a few of her professors. She admits that she wouldn’t be where she is today if it weren’t for the amazing opportunities at UALR, especially the nursing department. CLC has made Katelin grow in ways that she never imagined. She was shy and did not talk to people unless they approached her first. CLC helped her step outside of her comfort zone and grow as a person. She has made many friends that feel like family, and even though she may not see them everyday, they always run up to each other for hugs. Katelin became a CLC scholar in 2012 and served as a Sophomore Ambassador in 2013. Katelin’s dream job is to work with toddlers at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, but she admits that there is something about becoming an Oncology Nurse that would be very rewarding.

Matthew Bohannan


Matt is majoring in Marketing-Sales and his plan is to one day work in Business to Business Sales. He says that UALR has been incredible for him. There is no quantifiable value he could put on the connections and friendships he has made by attending this institution. He knows the memories he has made as a Trojan will be some of his fondest ones as he moves into the real world. Matt is a member of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity and he loves being involved in it. He has been External Vice President and Public Relations Chairman for Pi Kappa Alpha and knows how important it is to get involved on campus. CLC has been a big part of Matt’s college life as well. The Chancellor’s leadership Corps has given Matt and many others all of the guidance and structure he needed coming out of high school to be a responsible and successful student. He is so thankful that CLC took a chance on him by giving him this scholarship. For any High School students preparing for college, or even undergrads still trying to find their spot, Matt wants you to remember, “College is going to be 100% what you make it to be. Find your passion and use the tools given to you by the university to exploit every opportunity you have to grow and develop your own personal interests. This is your time to create yourself. Go Trojans.”

Talethe Collins

Talethe Collins

Talethe is a Political Science major with a minor in Nonprofit Leadership Studies. She says that she has enjoyed her four years at UALR. She made the best of her time by getting involved in on campus organizations, and internship opportunities. Talethe is also very excited about the new opportunities she will experience in Graduate School. CLC is one of the many organizations she has been involved in and she is very proud to be called a CLC scholar. Being a CLC Scholar has helped Talethe grow as a student, a leader, and an overall person. She has gained lifelong friendships, and a wonderful support system from the Chancellor’s Leadership Corps. Talethe is a member of African American Female Initiative and also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and the Nonprofit Leadership Student Association where she served as Vice President. While being involved with all the organizations, she has also been a Resident Assistant for UALR Student Housing for 3 years in West Hall. After graduation, Talethe plans to attend Graduate school part-time here at UALR to receive a Master’s Degree in Public Administration while working full time as a legal assistant.

Hannah Fulmer

Hannah Fulmer

Hannah Fulmer is an Early Childhood Education major. She says that she has always felt at home at UALR. With the campus being fairly large but small enough to make her feel comfortable, she appreciates all the time and effort her professors have taken to get to know her. Her comfort here is attributed to her professors and the best friends that she has met here. Hannah says that CLC taught her how to stand up and become a leader. CLC is the organization that taught her how to respect everyone and how to make the most out of opportunities we are given. She met her roommates and best friends through the program and also found her passion of teaching by volunteering through CLC. Hannah is a member of Kappa Delta Pi, the Education honor society, as well as National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Upon graduation, Hannah plans to teach 3rd or 4th grade and eventually work her way up to teach as a college professor.

Mariano Ramirez

Spot Light Picture

Mariano Ramirez is a Biology major and Health Science minor. When reflecting back on his experience at UALR, he has nothing but great memories. He is thankful for the quality education that he has received at this institution, and is very appreciative that each professor not only taught him the curriculum but life lessons that will be carried with him throughout his life. He contributes his smooth transition into college to the Chancellor’s Leadership Corps which helped him gain the greatest friends he could ask for. CLC is the organization that he feels helped him get out of his comfort zone and really push himself to join numerous other organizations and take leadership positions in those organizations and for providing opportunities that enhanced his leadership abilities. Mariano was a Sophomore Ambassador for CLC, a Junior Mentor for the Hispanic Latino Initiative, and is currently a scholar in the Friday Fellows Program, a science scholar, member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and a member of the League of United Latin American Citizens. After graduation, Mariano plans to attend Physical Therapy school to pursue his dream of becoming a Physical Therapist.

Taylor Washington

Taylor Washington is a Biology major and Spanish minor. She describes her experience at UALR as being greater than she would have ever expected. She admits that out of high school she wanted to attend a college out of state, but is glad to have found her home away from home here at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Through CLC, she has experienced strong academic, financial, and personal support. CLC has helped her stay engaged and active with both on and off campus events and got the chance to volunteer and network with local professionals and faculty and staff of UALR. Through the guidance in CLC her freshmen year, she took ownership of her leadership abilities and fell in love with UALR.  During her sophomore year, she felt she was very well prepared from the foundation that CLC laid and she branched out into leadership roles with the Charles W. Donaldson Summer Bridge and Saturday Academies, mentoring African American female freshmen, and tutoring students in College Algebra and Anatomy and Physiology. Taylor is involved and holds leadership positions in the African American Female Initiative where she serves as President, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People where she serves as Secretary, Student Academic Success Initiatives fellow, and a Science scholar. She admits that throughout her four years here, she has been forced out of her comfort zone and is proud to say that UALR and CLC has prepared her to graduate in Spring 2016 as a more confident person than when she began her college career. After graduation, she plans to attend Graduate school for Biotechnology.

Brandon Bagwell

Brandon Bagwell

Brandon Bagwell is a double major in History and Secondary Education. As a senior CLC scholar for the 2015-2016 academic year he describes his UALR experience as being fantastic. CLC has helped him branch out on campus where he participates in many organizations.  Brandon is currently the New Member Educator of Pi Kappa Alpha at UALR, Vice-President of Young Life College, and a member of the College Republicans.  His college experience has been great, and he says that college is truly what you make it no matter what school you choose to attend.  He contributes his success to his fraternity, his friends, his CLC family, and Nick Steele especially who have helped prepare him for his career and the real world. When it comes to CLC, he says that through CLC he has learned the value of service and leadership both in and out of the classroom. He says that we cannot expect the world to be a better place if we do not put change into effect ourselves and inspire others around us to do the same. Upon graduation, he plans on attending graduate school at the University of Arkansas to obtain a Master’s in Educational Supervision and become a principal at the secondary level.

Calton Davis


Calton Davis is an Business Information Systems major. As a senior CLC scholar for the 2015-2016 academic year, he is very active on and off campus.. CLC has helped him branch out on campus where he participates in many organizations.  Calton is currently the President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity at UALR, President of AAMI Advisory Board, a College of Business Ambassador, a project manager and math mentor for Dr. Charles W. Donaldson Scholars Academy, a member of the Executive Student Committee for Green Dot Bystander Awareness, a member of the UALR Behavioral Standards Committee, tutor for both Franklin and Bale Elementary, and a UALR Orientation leader.  He has enjoyed his college experience and considered it memorable and entertaining.  Over the past years, he has learned a lot about himself and the community, a learning community that he credits to the CLC program. He is beyond thankful for CLC and says that it gave him the opportunity to step outside of his comfort zone and grow tremendously.  “Growth only occurs when you are able to put yourself in unfamiliar territory.  In success or failure, you will find something new about yourself.  Accept every opportunity as a new lesson to learn and keep growing.”  Calton uses this quote as inspiration and reminds himself of it when he is presented with a new opportunity.  After graduation I plan on pursuing a Doctoral degree in Business Information Systems and later pursuing a career in Systems or Data analysis.

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