How to Create Your Service Log

1. Log into your UA Little Rock email – At the top, right corner of your UALR Email screen, click on the grid that generates all the tools available to you.
2. Select Google Sites.
3. Click ” Create” in left side bar area – choose “in new sites”
4. Name your site: First Name Last Name  Service   Log  (example: Amber Wolf   Service   Log )
5.  Create a design template
6. Format to meet the following:
        Home (Image of You, Quote about Volunteer  Service)
        About (Brief information about you)
        Each volunteer  log with then have its own page titled in the following: Volunteer  Log:  ***** (Example: Volunteer  Log: LR Zoo) You will do this for each volunteer  log you complete.
7. Every volunteer event, you will answer the following questions:

  1. Name of Volunteer Service
  2. Date of Volunteer Service
  3. Start Time
  4. End Time
  5. Total hours spent volunteering
  6. During this service project, what did you do?
  7. During this service project, what lessons did you gain?
  8. During this service project, how did the community benefit?
  9. How could you replicate this volunteer service to help more people?
  10. Name and contact information for site manager.

8. If you volunteer at the same location more than one time, include all dates and hours on one page.

9. You will then go to the share settings.

10. Share the link with me ( and Dillon Nash (dwnash@ualr.ed)

***You should have one Google Site with multiple pages outlining your service hours.***

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