Welcome Message

559656_10204051164532561_723322705481470593_n2Greetings from the Chancellor’s Leadership Corps Program Coordinator!

Welcome! I am delighted to share with you the Chancellor’s Leadership Corps Program. We are the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s oldest and largest program. We give our scholars a family atmosphere, so they always feel at home. It is a great opportunity for guidance, success, campus involvement, and community involvement. The CLC Program is a comprehensive program designed to develop and enhance the skills necessary to prepare each scholar for leadership positions on campus and after graduation.

Being a CLC scholar myself, I personally know the benefits that are associated with being a scholar of this program. Our program is specifically designed with family, leadership, and education in mind. As the CLC Program Coordinator, I am dedicated to helping the CLC scholars be successful in their academics, leadership training, and guiding them through to graduation. I maintain an open door policy so that scholars know I am always available to help. I am extremely proud of the program that we offer to our scholars as well as all of the benefits that come with being a UA Little Rock Trojan.

Everyday in our communities through volunteer services, we, leaders and scholars of the Chancellor’s Leadership Corps, give back to those in need to show that we care. We learn to grow from one another. We lead to better those around us. We serve to give hope to others. We respect ourselves and others. We embrace the notion that restraint creates strength. We believe that we have a responsibility to help. ~ Learn, Lead, Serve ~ Respect, Restraint, Responsibility ~

Amber Wolf, MBA, CLC Program Coordinator