Dr. John R. Hall

John R. Hall

Dr. John R. Hall, associate dean for undergraduate studies in the UALR College of Business, is also a consultant with the Federal Reserve System through the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.

He received B.S. and MBA degrees in finance from Florida State University and a Ph.D. in finance from Indiana University. As associate dean, he coordinates the Business Perspectives class, a freshman experience course to help students transition from high school to university living and studying.

In addition to teaching finance courses at UALR, Dr. Hall has created educational and training materials and consulted for the Federal Reserve System’s examiners for the past 15 years on a variety of topics, usually within the capital markets area. His most recent work has been an extensive online essentials course that sets out a comprehensive review of basic financial concepts from the yield curve through derivatives. Each summer, he teaches sections of a face-to-face course for examiners, Principles of Asset and Liability Management.

From his interactions with the Federal Reserve System, Dr. Hall brings a wealth of current, real-world banking knowledge back to his students and the central Arkansas business community.

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