UALR’s Professional Selling program makes list of top university sales programs

SEF Top Sales universities logoThe Ohio-based Sales Education Foundation (SEF) has included UALR’s Center for Professional Selling on its 2015 list of Top Universities for Professional Sales Education, acknowledging its reputation for producing graduates who find employment in their field.

The UALR Center for Professional Selling offers students the choice of a concentration in business-to-business sales for the Marketing major, a minor in business to business sales for non-Marketing majors, and a business to business sales certification for the working professional. Students that complete the UALR Sales Program are in high demand, currently we have more sales career opportunities than sales program graduates.   According to US News and World Report, in 2013 the median annual salary for sales representatives was $54,410.

Employers like to hire students from the UALR Sales Program because it helps them reduce their sales training costs and turnover.  According to the SEF, “students with a sales education ramp-up 50% faster and turnover 30% less than their non-sales educated peers.”  The SEF seeks to elevate the sales profession and increase awareness regarding the positive impact of sales on the economy and society.  According to the SEF, “While employment rates remain flat for recent college graduates, top sales programs average +92% job placement for their students (within three months of graduation).”

Sally Stevens, SEF Executive Director, went on to express her hope to see top sales organizations join with these universities.  In her words, “Top sales organizations should consider developing partnerships with these programs who are educating the next generation of professional sales people.”

If you are a student, working professional or employer who wants to find out more about how you can benefit by participating in the UALR’s sales program visit: or contact Dr. Lenita Davis at

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