COB sales students place and win at multiple national competitions

ICSC banquet photoThis November, the UALR College of Business placed in multiple sales competition events across the country: The International Collegiate Sales Competition and the National Sales Challenge.

On November 3rd, students Sam Bequette and Veronica Honeycutt placed first in the Rising Star seed of the International Collegiate Sales Competition 2016 held at Florida State University.

“…If I could do it again I would.”

The International Collegiate Sales Competition is designed to enhance the selling profession by encouraging the development of critical skills needed by today’s sales graduates, utilizing a fun, competitive environment where companies can meet the nation’s top collegiate sales talent all in one place. It is very rare for two students from the same school to place first in their seed, and to prepare for the ICSC, Bequette and Honeycutt utilized the new Business Skills Lab at the College of Business.

Veronica said about the challenge, “It was a wonderful experience to have and a great way to get in front of some really great companies that are looking to hire college students. If I could do it again I would.”

Latasha Briscoe competing at Russ BerrieShe also offered this advice for future students considering competing, “For students that are interested in a sales competition I would advise them to trust themselves and the process, make sure to know your product, and to practice the role plays over and over again. It really does help. Dr. Davis and the other instructors are there to help, so use them and take their advice.”
On November 18th, student Latasha Briscoe made it to the Second Round in the 10th Annual Russ Berrie Institute National Sales Challenge held at William Paterson University.

“…Don’t doubt yourself before you even get started.”

In this three-day event, top sales students from across the country met with representatives from major corporations to demonstrate their skills and capabilities in a series of sales challenges.  During this event, Corporate companies participated in recruiting and hiring professional sales talent.

Latasha described the excitement of the event, “Competing in the Russ Berrie Institute National Sales Challenge or a Sales Competition at all is something that I have never done before in my life. I am completely new to the world of business, and it just opened so many doors for me. This experience was one that I will never forget, and now it’s only the beginning of the launch of my business career… The entire trip was astounding, besides the no sleep part, but I’ve always been told, ‘While someone else is sleeping, someone else is up working harder to be the best,’ and that person was me. I enjoyed the many mixers that the Russ Berrie Institute sponsored for us. The mixer was much easier than the typical career fair to not only just to get to know potential employers but other competing students as well.”

Her advice for students interested in entering the competition, “I encourage other students to compete because this opportunity opened many doors for me such as securing internships, jobs, and exposing me to real-world issues… Don’t doubt yourself before you even get started. Never be nervous and always have your poker face ready! But most importantly confidence in the person that has guided you and chosen you to get to that place is essential. I know that I put Dr. Davis through it, but she got me through everything, and every single word that she told me would happen, literally happened, down to questions, how people would act, what to expect and so much more. She did a fantastic job, and I believe she is more so the reason I made it as far as I did, and it’s because I trusted her. So, have faith in yourself, and in your advisors.”

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