UALR Alumni Association College of Business Society

Statement of Purpose and Responsibilities

The College of Business (COB) Society Alumni Advisory Board establishes policies regarding the property, management and activities of the COB Society to engage alumni, friends, faculty, staff and students for the advancement of UALR, the College of Business, and the Alumni Association. Policy formation is, generally, based upon the recommendations and information provided by the COB Society Alumni Advisory Board President, Vice President, committees and/or staff.

Vision Statement

The UALR Alumni College of Business Alumni Society will become an organization that creates a sense of energy and urgency among its membership. The Society will recruit new members and retain them by offering support through programming of events and activities. The Society will endeavor to educate its constituents about the needs of the University and the many partnerships. Educating the membership will increase the opportunities to engage alumni with faculty, students, and community.

Mission Statement

The UALR College of Business Alumni Society is dedicated to serving the interest of its membership by encouraging participation in the life of the University, promoting awareness of the College of Business Alumni Society and UALR, providing assistance to the University in reaching its goals, and involving the membership in community activities.

For more information on joining please contact The UALR alumni association at 501.683.7208.