Sonya F. Premeaux

Sonya Premeaux

Dr. Premeaux is the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies.


Contact Information

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Location RBUS 309


  • Ph.D Louisiana State University
  • MBA McNeese State University
  • BS McNeese State University

Journal Articles

Adkins, C. L., & Premeaux, S. F. 2014. An empirical examination of antecedents and outcomes of the use of communication technology to manage work-home boundaries. Accepted for publication in the Journal of Business and Applied Management, 15:82-100.

Adkins, C. L, & Premeaux, S. F. 2012. Spending time: The impact of hours worked on work-family conflict. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 80, 380-389.

Premeaux, S. F., & Barrilleaux, A. 2010. Learning to appreciate diversity in work groups:  The Scavenger Hunt.Journal of Business and Training Education, 19, 20-28.

Varela, O. E., & Premeaux, S. F. 2008. Do cross-cultural values affect multisource feedback dynamics? The case of high power distance and collectivism in two Latin American countries. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 16, 134-142.

Premeaux, S. F., & Breaux, D. 2007. Crisis management of human resources: Lessons from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Human Resource Planning, 30, 39-47.

Premeaux, S. F., Adkins, C. L. & Mossholder, K. M. 2007. Balancing work and family: A field study of multi-dimensional, multi-role work-family conflict. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 28, 705-727.
Note: Article was one of five finalists for the Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award for Excellence in Work-Family Research given each year to the author(s) who publish the most outstanding piece of work-family research within that calendar year. The award is given by the Center for Families at Purdue University and the Center for Work and Family at Boston College.


Adkins, C. L., & Premeaux, S. F. 2010. An empirical examination of the use of communication technology to manage work-home boundaries. Paper presented at the Academy of Management meeting, Montreal, Canada.

Premeaux, S. F., & Adkins, C. L. 2010. Double-edged sword: the use of communication technology to Manage the Boundaries between Work and Home. Proceedings of the Southwest Academy of Management meeting, Dallas, TX.
Note: Won Distinguished Paper in Management Award.

Book Chapter

Adkins, C. L. & Premeaux, S. F. (2010). Internet 2.0: A Dual-Edged Sword for Work-Family Balance in T. Tuten (Ed.) Enterprise 2.0, Volume 2, How Technology, eCommerce, and Web 2.0 Are Transforming Business Virtually, 101-115. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger Publishers.

Under Review

Adkins, C. L., & Premeaux, S. F. Steering work-life balance across time: A cybernetic model. Submitted to Academy of Management Review, September 29, 2016.


Research Interests

  • Work/Family Conflict