Jonathan Blitz

Member Mr. Jonathan Blitz
Title Regional President
Company Sprint

Jon Blitz - COB Advisory CouncilDuring the past 20+ years in a sales and marketing/operations capacity, Jonathan Blitz  has  grown with the world’s most dynamic organizations. His exposure has been in the telecom industry, starting from the early years of wireless to the advanced technology offered today. He has grown from the ground floor of the business, building on his expertise and accepting roles of increasing responsibility through multiple mergers and acquisitions.

Relatively early in his career, he was asked to lead acquisition activities from a sales operations perspective which gave him detailed insight to the operations of all sales distribution channels. From there, his company came together as the largest wireless carrier in the nation. His team was tasked to merge and streamline all systems, organizational structures, programs and strategies for the newly- formed company. And now, he has the privilege to lead a true technology company, Sprint.

His greatest growth lessons were during the years focused on re-organizations, mergers and acquisitions that he lead from HQ to the field. It was during that time that the importance of culture, and the variations of it, became evident. Culture is what sets a company apart. Through the opportunity to experience the many different cultures from more than 10 different companies and numerous leadership styles, he has determined what he believes is the most effective.