Undergraduate Admission to the College of Business

To be accepted into any program in the College of Business, a student must have completed MATH 1302 (College Algebra) and RHET 1312 (Composition II), with a grade of C or greater, and have a minimum of 2.25 overall GPA (at UALR or transferring school) or 2.25 overall GPA on the most recently completed 15 hours at UALR. The GPA on the most recent 15 hours will be calculated on all hours attempted during the semester(s) in which the 15-hour requirement is met. This process is completed with your assigned adviser in the College of Business.

Credit for an upper-level business course is not granted if students complete such courses before accumulating 54 semester credit hours. Credit is not granted toward a degree for any business course taken without the prerequisites stated in the UALR catalog. Students may be administratively withdrawn from courses for which they are enrolled without the prerequisites.

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