5 Struggles of Living With Your Parents During College

"I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom."

It might be a good idea to spend the extra fees to live on campus…

Despite all the available aid to go to college, you want to be as debt-free as possible when you leave, degree in hand. So you find ways to save on gas, entertainment (are Hulu Plus AND Netflix really necessary?), and other non-essentials.

Then, for a brief moment, you consider maybe commuting to college, not living in student housing on campus, and staying at home with the ‘rents! What could be better? Food, laundry services, familiar digs and… Wait, before we go any further, let’s just think about why it might be worth it to spend that extra moolah on housing fees.

1. Independence

"Ma! The meatloaf!" Living with your parentsYou thought you and your parents had come to an understanding in your earlier teenage years. You don’t need them for every little thing – you can make well-informed decisions on your own. But once you go to college, a whole other phase of independence will start. Psychologically, this won’t just be moving from your tween years into more control over your own life once you became a teenager. This is complete autonomy. Society actually considers you a ‘legal’ adult now (scary, right?).

You are going to be making decisions that will affect your future. And, while Mom and Dad may have your best interests at heart, you will be starting to cultivate your own inner voice on how you feel about people, situations and experiences.

2. Curfew

Trust us, even if your Ma promises she won’t interfere in your business, if you come in past the bewitching hour of midnight, she’s going to say something like, “Isn’t that a bit late?” Or “Where were you at this time of night?” (If you’re really lucky, you’ll avoid the ‘nothing-good-happens-after-midnight’ speech). Don’t even get us started on the questions that precede your decision to leave the house at 10 p.m. for a party or to hang-out with friends. They won’t understand it and they’ll ask the same questions…Every. Single. Time.

3. Growing pains

Your parents are always going to have suggestions for how you should spend your time and the way things should be done. You won’t ever spend enough time on your studies, ESPECIALLY if they are footing the bill, ESPECIALLY if they don’t want you to lose a scholarship.

Either way, there’s going to be that power struggle of ‘time better spent doing these things’ like the aforementioned studying or (eeeeek!) helping your dad clean his collection of bat skeletons from when he was a boy scout (hey, we can’t make this stuff up). They can’t help it. They want the best for you, and even though you are now a college student and therefore, an adult (duh, mom!), they can’t help but put their two cents in. It’s the parental code of rights.




4. Your mom still cleans your room

"I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom"

Why is this on here?! you might be thinking. While it sounds like a plus, see items 1-3 again. Cleaning your room is a way to see what you spend your time on, nag you about the laundry you aren’t doing (“How many times do I have to tell you…INSERT RANDOM RULE HERE”) and let you know in general about what you should do with your time (see #3).

You’re under their roof, so naturally, it’s going to be harder to establish your own rules for living.



5. The questions – OH! THE QUESTIONS!

Eye Roll

“What did you learn today?”

“Who are you texting?”

“Did you study enough for your final?”

“Are you really leaving the house looking like that?”


Enough said. Get thee to residence housing right away! Check out our on-campus housing in person or online.


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