The UA Little Rock Brand

A brand is not a logo, color or tagline. A brand is an essence. Every organization presents a unique and defining image. It takes consistency visually to create and communicate a positive, unifying impression. A brand represents perception people have about an organization.

Like corporations, universities know that leading institutional brands give them an advantage in recruitment and retention of students and faculty, fundraising, and program support. To strengthen UA Little Rock’s brand, our job is to influence perceptions people have of UA Little Rock by presenting consistent and credible messages about the university and our people and their accomplishments.

An established brand allows UA Little Rock to have the kind of public image that instills confidence that the university is producing valuable returns for our students, alumni, donors, employees, and for central Arkansas and the state. When we build a strong brand for UA Little Rock, we are also building the reputation of our colleges, departments, and programs. As a comprehensive metropolitan university, UA Little Rock must strive to be identified and recognized for its collective strengths and expertise. A consistent, singular identity will enhance our ability to lead and innovate, distinguishing the university apart from other higher education institutions, and increasing our ability to attract and retain exceptional students, faculty, and staff.

UA Little Rock’s brand identity initiative provides tools, templates, and information to help individuals and campus departments strengthen the brand. This comprehensive collection of standards makes it convenient for you to develop more consistent communication in print, on the web, and in social media. We encourage you to browse the toolkit to find elements and templates.

A strong identity is critical to recognition and preference among students, alumni, employees, vendors, associations, and the general public. A consistent identity program used by all departments, institutes, programs, projects, offices, colleges, and schools, including the Benton campus and the Bowen School of Law, ensures that the same image is communicated to every person who has contact with the university.

It is vital that the university strictly protect the application of its brand identity internally and externally. All components of the UA Little Rock visual images – publications, advertisements, electronic messages, signage, videos, website, uniforms, badges, vehicles, etc. – must reinforce those concepts.

These guidelines are overseen by the Office of Communications; however, all UA Little Rock employees are responsible for maintaining full compliance of the standards. Please take time to read these guidelines so you can do your part to help strengthen the UA Little Rock brand.