Printing and Promotional Items

Printing Services

Printed materials are important tools to share information with university audiences. Therefore, a unified look is important for these communication vehicles. To ensure the integrity of the UA Little Rock brand, all university personnel must enlist UA Little Rock Printing Services for all printing and copying needs that extend beyond the capabilities of standard university office equipment. If a project is outside Printing Services’ capabilities or there is a scheduling conflict in meeting the project deadline, the director will provide permission in writing to work with the Office of Procurement to proceed with the project as allowed by university policies.

Printing Services can create letterhead, business cards, stationery, notepads, signs, etc. Call 501.569.3260 or email if you have questions concerning this policy or for assistance in printing.

business card samples notepad sample


UA Little Rock organizations often require custom marketing collateral such as brochures, posters, invitations, fliers, booklets, programs, banners, etc.

Design for all UA Little Rock printed materials should be created by or approved by the Office of Communications. If you need assistance in editing and/or designing a publication or an approval, contact the Office of Communications.

Promotional Items

UA Little Rock has established a licensing program to protect the university’s brand and prohibit unauthorized use of the university name or logo on commercial or other products. All uses and representations of the university’s name and marks on items of merchandise, whether for sale or internal use, are licensed. Licensed use of the university’s name and marks will preserve the university’s reputation by ensuring that products bearing the university’s name and marks are of quality and good taste and are consistent with the university’s branding efforts. All promotional items must be produced by an SMA-licensed vendor and approved by Klansee Tozer in the Office of Communications.