UA Little Rock House Rules

UA Little Rock Preferred Terminology

  • When necessary, make distinction between first-time entering freshman and freshman. First-time student is also acceptable.
  • Use international students, not foreign students.
  • Use residence hall, not dorm or dormitory.

The University Name

  • The official name of the university is the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.
  • In most cases, the full formal name is used on first reference. Second and subsequent references may use UA Little Rock (no periods) or the university (lowercase u). UA Little Rock is acceptable on first reference for internal or central Arkansas audiences. This applies to colleges, departments, institutes, centers, programs, etc.
  • The following forms are not acceptable: the University of Arkansas @ Little Rock, University of Arkansas – Little Rock, UA Little Rock, or any variation of these.

Common Style Issues

  • It is unnecessary to include http:// or www. in a URL when it is clear that it a web address.
  • When composing paragraphs, use only one space between an ending period and the first letter of a new sentence.
  • Upon first reference, always use the full name of a person, place, program, department or event. A shortened or acronym version is acceptable for second reference.

Example: Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe highlighted a long list of distinguished speakers and guests at the Sept. 10, 2010, dedication of the new Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology building. Gov. Beebe said the opening of the EIT building is a visible manifestation of the link between education and economic development.

  • Telephone numbers do not need parentheses; instead, use periods. Example: For more information, call the Office of Communications at 501.683.7397.
  • For titles, capitalize the title when used before the name. Example: Chancellor Joel E. Anderson
  • Use a comma and lowercase when used after the name. Example: Joel E. Anderson, chancellor
  • When the name is not included in the sentence, use lowercase. Example: The chancellor arrived early.
  • The possessive of Arkansas is Arkansas’s.

Academic Degrees

The word degree should follow the degree abbreviation. (This is a UA Little Rock house rule that deviates from AP Style.) It is permissible to use the abbreviations of formal degrees on first reference, applying the following capitalization and punctuation:

B.S. degree
B.A. degree
M.A. degree
Ph.D. degree
MBA degree

If included, the field of study should be lowercase, unless it is a proper noun:

Bachelor of Science degree in nursing
B.A. degree in English

Capitalize the formal names of academic degrees:

Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Arts
Master of Arts
Doctor of Philosophy

For general reference, use lowercase and appropriate possessive apostrophe:

bachelor’s degree
master’s degree
associate degree
doctorate or doctoral degree