Grammar: University Name and Common Rules

The importance of a unified style

The UA Little Rock Office of Communications and Marketing follows the AP Stylebook for the vast majority of projects we are charged with handling, whether a press release, a brochure, or web content.

General Rules

  • The AP stylebook provides fundamental guidelines on spelling, language, punctuation and word usage, although there may be a few exceptions or house rules that depart from those specific principles.
  • It is unnecessary to include http:// or www. in a URL when it is clear that it is a web address.
  • The possessive of Arkansas is Arkansas’s.
  • When composing paragraphs, use only one space between an ending period and the first letter of a new sentence.
  • Upon first reference, always use the full name of a person, place, program, department or event. Generally, avoid using acronyms that aren’t commonly known by the general public. Instead, on second reference, use a shortened descriptive version of the name. EXAMPLE: The Office of Communications and Marketing could be shortened to the communications department rather than an acronym such as OCM.
  • Telephone numbers do not need parentheses; instead, use dashes. EXAMPLE: For more information, call the Office of Communications and Marketing at 501-916-3397.

Preferred terminology

  • When necessary, make a distinction between first-time entering freshman and freshman. First-time student is also acceptable.
  • Use international students, not foreign students.
  • Use residence hall, not dorm or dormitory.

The university name

  • The official name of the university is the University of Arkansas at Little Rock
  • In most cases, the full formal name is used on first reference. Second and subsequent references may use UA Little Rock (no periods) or the university (lowercase u). UA Little Rock is acceptable on first reference for internal or central Arkansas audiences, although news releases should spell out University of Arkansas at Little Rock on first reference. This applies to colleges, departments, institutes, centers, programs, etc.

The following forms are not acceptable:
University of Arkansas @ Little Rock
University of Arkansas – Little Rock
UA-Little Rock
UA: Little Rock

Common words

The following list serves as a convenient reference for the correct use of commonly misspelled or stylized words.

The terms below should be used as shown in accordance with AP style or UA Little Rock house rules:

  • email home page internet NetID online website World Wide Web BOSS
  • General Word List
  • alumni variations
  • alumna – feminine single form
  • alumnae – feminine plural form
  • alumnus – male or gender-neutral singular
  • alumni – masculine or mixed-gender plural
  • capital/capitol
  • Use capital when referring to cities that are seats of government, such as the capital city of Little Rock, and when used in a financial context.
  • Use Capitol when referring to buildings.
  • adviser – not advisor
  • catalog – not catalogue
  • course work – not coursework
  • fieldwork – not field work
  • work-study – not workstudy
  • toward – not towards
  • yearlong – not year long
  • fundraising/fundraiser – not fund raising or fund-raising


full time/full-time or part time/part-time

Only hyphenate when used as a compound modifier: She attends full time; She is a full-time student.

on campus/on-campus or off campus/off-campus

Only hyphenate when used as a compound modifier: Joe Smith lives on campus; Joe is reviewing his on-campus housing options.

log in/login or log out/logout

Do not hyphenate when used as a noun or modifier. Separate when used as a verb.

Example: Your login attempt has failed; Log in to BOSS to update your personal information.