Social Media Guidelines

Social media can be a powerful and effective tool to share information and interact with your audience. UA Little Rock uses social media to communicate official information about the university, while also utilizing it to engage with key audiences – potential and current students, employees, alumni, and the community. NOTE: These guidelines are for official UA Little Rock social media accounts only and are not intended for personal or individual accounts.

Getting started

Are you thinking about creating a Facebook page or other social channel for your department? It’s recommended that you first meet with the Office of Communications and Marketing. Creating and managing a social media account is time intensive and requires planning and commitment. We can discuss what is involved, help you create a strategy, and provide some best practices.

When you create an official social media account for your unit, you must also give administrative access to the Office of Communications and Marketing. The Office of Communications and Marketing will not manage other units’ accounts, but needs access to them in the event of a campus crisis and/or if the account administrator leaves the university.

Social media avatars

The image, or avatar, accompanying your posts on your social media pages are usually shown as a small square set next to the account name. The primary UA Little Rock logo fits this size well, but is reserved for the primary UA Little Rock account to provide an anchor for the brand. UA Little Rock identity logos do not fit well, and the type is often illegible within the avatar size constraints. Consider using a photo of your campus location or an identifiable object. Note that university units may not create their own unique logos.

Acceptable social media avatars

Use a building or campus photo highlighting an architectural feature.

Example of an acceptable Social Media Icon. Example of an acceptable Social Media Icon.

Find a photo that represents the focus of your unit. This can be some sort of identifiable object or action.

Social media icon showing a hand sketching art.Social Media Icon showing a science experiment.

Unacceptable Social Media Avatars

Incorrect Social Media Icon with an unapproved logo.

Do not create unapproved logos.

Incorrect social media icon that shows a blurry image.

Avoid using blurry or pixelated images.

Incorrect Social Media Icon showing the UALR primary logo.

The primary UA Little Rock logo should only be used for primary UA Little Rock accounts.

Incorrect Social Media Icon showing the Trojan logo.

Do not use the Trojan head or the athletic signature logo.