Web Design

All newly created sites for departments, colleges, programs, and offices must conform to design guidelines. Existing websites designed with previous guidelines will gradually be transitioned to the new graphic identity standards. In cases where an exception is desired, or if you wish to help expand the options of UA Little Rock web design standards, contact the Office of Communications for consultation in the initial stages of your project.

It is worth noting that automatic compliance with the web standards listed below can be achieved through use of customizable web templates, referenced in the UA Little Rock Branding Toolkit.

Web Design Standards at UA Little Rock consist of four critical elements. When implemented consistently, these elements create a unified look and feel for all university websites.

  1. Header (banner area)
  2. Footer
  3. Typography
  4. Color Palette


The topmost area must contain the maroon stripe, containing top level site tools. Positioned directly underneath the maroon stripe, is the organizational identifier.



All official web pages must include the following information in a footer:

  • Physical address
  • Direct phone number to a program, department or college representative
  • Email address or a link to a comment/question form
  • Standard university disclaimer and copyright statement


When used consistently, typefaces can be the foundation of a successful identity system. A specific combination of Georgia and Verdana fonts has been specified to serve on all official UA Little Rock websites.

The serif font Georgia will be used for headings, and the sans serif Verdana is to be used for body text.


In addition to font considerations, typography color variations should be avoided within single blocks of content, as readers should be able to succinctly identify the color designations of hyperlinked text.

Additionally, it is important to maintain an acceptable contrast ratio between type and any background elements underlying it.

What may seem like an acceptable level of contrast may in fact be problematic for readers with impaired vision. It is recommended, but not mandated, that body copy be limited to dark type on a light background.


Color Palette

The designated color for UA Little Rock maroon on the web is #6e2639. Strictly limiting websites to a monochromatic appearance is not the goal; however, certain key elements must always use this color:

  • The top header stripe
  • Text hyperlinks in body text