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The past decade has seen a revitalized interest in higher education institutions becoming active civic partners. UALR participates in several national associations, commissions, and organizations that support the work of engaged colleges and universities.

Campus Compact

UALR is an active member of this national coalition of more than 860 college and university presidents that is committed to civic purposes of higher education. UALR participates in national conferences and utilizes materials that promote community service, that develop student’s citizenship skills and values, that encourage partnerships between campuses and communities, and assist faculties who seek to integrate public and community engagement into their teaching and research.

Gulf South Summit

Every year, UALR representatives join service-learning advocates and practitioners from regional universities and community-based organizations at the Gulf South Summit on Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Through Higher Education. The summit provides a forum for discussion and creates opportunities for developing partnerships. Read More

Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities

UALR is a charter member of the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities (CUMU), an international organization formed in 1991 to create a dialogue about and network for colleges and universities serving urban areas. The coalition seeks to position urban and metropolitan schools’ issues on the agenda of federal higher education policymakers. CUMU also publishes the Metropolitan Universities Journal, an academic publication about community-based partnerships, research, and teaching, and teaching at urban and metropolitan universities.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

UALR is one of more than 150 institutions in the country that has received a Community Outreach Partnership Center grant from HUD since 1996. As part of the HUD network, UALR participates in annual conferences, research projects, and networks to learn more about university-community partnerships.

American Association of State Colleges and Universities

UALR is an active partner in the American Democracy Project, a multi-campus initiative that seeks to create an understanding of civic engagement for undergraduates enrolled at institutions that are members of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU). The goal of the project is to produce graduates who understand and are committed to engaging in meaningful actions as citizens in a democracy.

Heart of Arkansas United Way

As a whole, UALR supports the United Way through an annual fundraising campaign, and OCE partners with United Way to support its members agencies by providing volunteers through its Volunteer Center.