Computer Science Major Discusses Career on KUAR

Christian Casey provided a segment on the series Pathways on KUAR FM 89.1. He discusses his perspective on career opportunities for computer science majors and why he chose U A Little Rock.  It’s a short spot. Give a listen.

Christian has an impressive background:

Christian is a life-long Arkansan.  His career goals were initially focused when he took high school chemistry at which he excelled and thoroughly enjoyed.  Christian enrolled at U A Little Rock with the intention of majoring in chemistry.  However, when he took CPSC 1375, Programming I, he felt a kinship with his classmates in that they too loved the logical thinking skills demanded.  This satisfaction with and maturity in logical thinking has only increased as he has advanced toward his BS in Computer Science.  Christian has applied his skills and aptitude for software development as an IT Assistant at Goodwill Industries and two internships.  In the second internship he created automated tests for an oil well safety application.  Christian has already demonstrated his software development skills and talent.

Christian is a first-generation college student and for that his parents are very proud.  He will graduate in Spring 2019 and he will provide immediate value to any company or organization fortunate enough to employ his talents.

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