Information for Faculty

At UA Little Rock, we are committed to providing you with accurate and reliable information regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As plans are announced, we will provide information for our faculty here.

Face Masks, Vaccines, and Testing

UA Little Rock requires that students, faculty, staff, and guests, regardless of vaccination status, in indoor public settings where physical distance cannot be assured in accordance with CDC guidance, wear a face mask. Regardless of physical distancing, masks are required in classroom/laboratory spaces and advising offices. Reasonable exceptions may be permitted for certain settings and activities that follow guidance established by public health agencies and/or by external governing bodies such as athletics conferences and the NCAA.

A cloth face covering, disposable face mask, or similar face covering that covers the mouth and the nose as recommended by the CDC is required and may be used as a face mask. A face shield may also be worn, but will not serve as a substitute for a face mask. 

Learn more about the personal protective equipment (PPE) and sanitization materials.

Physical distancing requirements are lifted as of August 2, 2021; however, discretion is advised for large-scale indoor events until the current surge subsides. Event organizers may wish to implement a registration or sign-in process to better facilitate contact tracing should it become necessary. We will continue to monitor on-campus coronavirus status to determine if policy changes are required.


Unvaccinated individuals are much more likely to become infected and are much more likely to become seriously ill. Getting vaccinated remains your best option for protection against the virus. You can receive a Johnson and Johnson vaccine at our campus Health Services facility or you may go to any number of local pharmacies and health centers to receive other brands of the COVID-19 vaccine.

View data regarding positive cases on campus.

In an effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 on campus, positive COVID-19 cases should be reported to Health Services.