To The Bullies His Name Was “Pork Chop”

Watch this. Shane Koyczan is a poet and artist who experienced bullying growing up.
He turned the story of his and his friends’ wounds into something beautiful,

To This Day Project“.

porkchop/ karate chop screenshot from the youtube video

The long term effects of bullying are similar to those experienced by people who have endured sustained torture. We tell those who are bullied to “toughen up” and “stand up for yourself”, but what we are really telling this person is that the problem is his or hers alone. We know full well that this is a cultural and community problem, not just an individual’s problem. Bullies often were/are bullied and are then in turn bullied by authority figures as punishment, perpetuating a culture of violence. Only when we foster a culture of understanding and compassion for both bully and victim will we stop this vicious cycle of everyday violence. Bullying is a reality far too many people experience, causing deep and painful psychological wounds.

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