LGBTQ+ Resources, Events, Advocacy, and More

Six young adults standing in a line with arms linked. Each person is wearing jeans a solid colored shirts, each in one of the standard rainbow colors. From left to right, the people are wearing shirts in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Counseling Services’ Commitment to Inclusiveness and Advocacy:

The department values the uniqueness of each individual and embraces a diverse culture. We are committed, as both individuals and a team, to promoting inclusiveness and advocating for the LGBTQ+ community.

Campus Resources:

LGBTQ+ Support Group:

During the Spring 2018 semester, this group will meet Thursdays from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm in the Donaghey Student Center, Room 201T.

LGBTQ+:  lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, plus those who may identify or feel as though they may be part of this community.  The purpose of this group is to offer a safe and welcoming environment to gain knowledge and to talk with other people who are LGBTQ+ or who are questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity.  The group will discuss an array of topics such as coming out, feeling comfortable with one’s gender identity or sexual orientation, family acceptance concerns, and religion.  Other issues discussed will include personal growth, relationships, depression, anxiety, stress management, asserting personal boundaries, mindfulness, and self-care.  This psychoeducational group is for all LGBTQ+ students, no matter what stage they are at in life.  Also, feel free to come to lend support to others!

For questions or concerns, please contact Ashley Vickers, Counseling Services Intern (email), (Ph) 501.569.3185, Student Services Center (SSC), Suite 118.

Safe Zone logo is a round UA Little Rock "maroon" background color. A rainbow stripe crosses the circle towards the top in a slightly wavy line. Above the rainbow line, in small white text, it reads "UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AT LITTLE ROCK." Below the line, the bulk of the circle is taken up with the words "safe zone" printed in white. The "o" in "zone" is actually the Trojan mascot profile, also in white. Safe Zone:

From UA Little Rock’s Safe Zone webpage: “Every member of the UALR community deserves a safe and equitable campus environment.  The purpose of the Safe Zone program is to provide campus “safe zones” where individuals affected by homophobia, hateful acts, & sexual violence can safely go for support and assistance. By placing the Safe Zone symbol on their office door, desk, or backpack, Safe Zone allies signify that their space is a safe place to talk about issues impacting the LGBTQ community.”

Counseling Services is proud to be an approved “Safe Zone”! All of the permanent staff have completed the Safe Zone training, and several have served on the committee or been guest speakers!

For more information, please contact Sharon Downs, Safe Zone Chair | | 501.569.8668, or go to their webpage:

Official log is the title "The Alliance" in large black text with a small tage line "The Gay-Straight Connection"", also in black, beneath it. A swirling or spinning wheel of dashed lines in the rainbow colors looks to explode out from the title making for a volorful and dynamic effect.The Alliance: The UA Little Rock Gay-Straight Connection:

For more information on the student organization the Alliance, please contact:

Student President: Brittany Chaney at (email) or (phone) 501.772.8237

Faulty Advisor: Dr. Sherry Rankins-Robertson at (email) or (phone) 480.202.8776, or go to their webpage:

or Facebook page:  UALR’s Alliance


Local Resources:

The Lucie's Place logo is an abstract house and heart. A simple upside down V suggests a roof with various shapes in the rainbow colors fill in the house with an inverted heart and or tear.Lucie’s Place:

Lucie’s Place is a non-profit organization which provides support to homeless LGBT young adults in Central Arkansas.

Checkout their website at:  or Facebook page at:  @LuciesPlace  or Twitter at: LuciesPlaceAR

(Phone) 501.508.5005


(Mailing Address) PO Box 751, Little Rock, AR 72203

(Street Adddress) 300 South Spring Street, Suite 715, Little Rock, AR 72201

Human Rights Campaign (HRC) – Arkansas Chapter:

Part of the national organization, the state chapters, including Arkansas, focus on local issues and events.

In an effort to bring national attention and support to the lack of LGBTQ equality specifically in the South, the HRC has launched 3 new campaigns:

Project One America is a permanent campaign for equality in Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

Text ONEARKANSAS to 30644 to support the Arkansas chapter of HRC

#LoveYourNeighbor is a video based story-telling campaign with the goal of sharing the personal experiences of LGBTQ people and their Allies unique to the South. Their videos can be see at:

For more information, please go their webpage at:


National Resources and Organizations:

The Human Rights Campaigns' log is a simple, but elegant and effective representation of the group's battle for equality. It is a dark blue square with la large deep yellow equal sign. Human Rights Campaign (HRC):

The HRC, along with its foundation, combine to form America’s largest LGBTQ civil rights organization. Founded in 1980, the HRC has over 3 million members and is a leader in the movement for LGBTQ equality. Their simple, but effective logo, symbolizing the fight for equality, is one of the most recognizable symbols of all LGBTQ movements. Click here for more information:

The Campus Pride logo is made up of the word "Pride" in large orange text outlined in dark blue with the word "Campus" in smaller, dark blue text above it. A white and orange triangular flag outlined in blue is the dot on the "I" in the word "Pride" and give the impression of a college and or sports pennant. Campus Pride:

Campus Pride is an online information source for a myriad of LGBTQ+ college and university issues, resources, discussions, articles, and more.

Checkout their main webpage at:

One of their most interesting resources is a large, free cache of streaming films.

2016 Wolfe Video and Campus Pride LGBT Youth Movie Guide:

Watch movies and documentaries from an expansive catalog for free! makes viewing a breeze. Just click on the link below, select a film to watch, search for our university (yes, we’re members), and sign in using your school ID!