The UA Little Rock Computational Research Center (CRC) is dedicated to the promotion of efficiency, productivity, and accuracy in research through the use of significant and diverse computing resources. No single computing platform, regardless of size, is appropriate for all computational problems, and there are many reasons for this: Some problems are memory bound, some are I/O intensive, while still others are CPU constrained; many researchers work exclusively on UNIX or Linux platforms, others use Microsoft operating systems and applications; some are well versed in programming and have no problem with parallelizing their code, some are more comfortable with point and click out-of-the-box applications, and others simply do not have the time to modify straight code for multi-core/multi-node functionality. Here at the CRC, we are well aware of this diversity within the research community and have built a facility to serve and address the varied computational requirements of this environment. Our offerings are unique to Arkansas and bring a new level of computing capacity and capability to education, corporate, and government research organizations.