Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Joyce Carter

Faculty Spotlight : Dr. Joyce CarterMeet Dr. Joyce Carter. She is currently the Chair of the Rhetoric and Writing Department. She studied Rhetoric at the University of Texas and shortly after graduating she became an instructor of Rhetoric at Texas Tech. Dr. Carter says the great reputation of UA Little Rock’s Rhetoric and Writing Department is what encourages her to take the chair position of the department.

One of Dr. Carter’s main focuses when mentoring students is helping them to develop critical thinking skills and promoting them to become strategic communicators. She says these skills will be most helpful in any career after completing a degree.

Dr. Carter recommends students get involved in activities that will allow them to meet people who have similar interests. As an example, she says the Writing Center, in particular, is a great place to go to cultivate new ideas and find different perspectives on many different topics. She recommends this and student groups as ways to help those that need guidance in this process. She says that finding like-minded individuals that share a common interest can make college seem less difficult and make this experience more enjoyable.

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