Public Administration Professor wins Mosher & Mosher Award

Dr. Michael Craw, an Associate Professor of Public Administrations has been awarded the ‘William E. Mosher and Frederick C. Mosher’ Award for 2017. The Mosher and Mosher Award is presented to authors of the best Public Administration Review (PAR) article by an academic.

“It was kind of unexpected. It’s nice to be acknowledged by my colleagues,” Craw said.

Winners of the Mosher and Mosher Award are selected by a committee of the authors’ peers, who examine all articles from the volume year.

Craw’s article “Institutional Analysis of Neighborhood Collective Action,” studies the correlation between ‘neighborhood and homeowners’ Associations’ and property values in Little Rock, Ar.

“One of the big questions I am interested in is to explain why some neighborhoods remain stable over time [having increasing property values and population gain] while other neighborhoods tend to decline over time,” Craw said.

Craw found that the presence of a neighborhood and/or homeowners’ association has a positive effect on the stability of a neighborhood.

“If you have a neighborhood association, there is a mechanism by which you can address changes happening in the neighborhood that might be undesirable,” Craw said.

He explained that instead of moving away people are more likely to stay and help make things better.

Craw will be awarded at the annual American Society for Public Administration conference in Denver, this weekend.

Congratulations Dr. Michael Craw!


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