Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Kirk Leach

Dr. Kirk Leach, Assistant Professor in the School of Public Affairs, joined UA Little Rock last year August and specializes in community development.

“My research focuses on non-profit management, collaborative governance, and nonprofits that are engaging with the private and public sector,” Dr. Leach said.

Dr. Leach’s path to working with non-profit organizations began while working with a financial institution a few years ago.

“I was engaged with non-profit actors and how the bank was lending to non-profits and engaging with the community,” said Dr. Leach.

Dr. Leach said he always had a passion for non-profit work but that experience working for the bank got him even more excited about it.

“It was always there, it was just a matter of how do I channel that most effectively,” said Dr. Leach

Dr. Leach moved to Little Rock from New Jersey and says he is fortunate to be a part of such a supportive organization.

“I think I am lucky in that respect, to be able to connect to all these faculty members in different departments, to learn from them and be guided through the process. That’s invaluable,” said Dr. Leach.

Dr. Leach is working on a few projects right now and plans to stick around Little Rock for a bit.

“I hope to produce some work that non-profits in this city will find useful,” said Dr. Leach.

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