Faculty Spotlight: Belinda Blevins-Knabe

Dr. Belinda Blevins-Knabe is a professor in the Department of Psychology at UA Little Rock. During her graduate studies at the University of Texas at Austin, Blevins-Knabe studied the math skills of young kids.

While at UA Little Rock, Blevins-Knabe expounded on her previous graduate research. She added a twist.

“Now I look at the effects of the home environment on young children’s math skills,” Blevins-Knabe said.

Blevins-Knabe has presented at conferences, co-authored several articles and written one edited book examining the effect of the home environment and the child care environment on young children’s math skills.

Blevins-Knabe has also served as a Co-Director of the Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence (ATLE) and as the President of the Society for Research in Human Development.

Currently, Blevins-Knabe serves as the Chair of the Institutional Review Board and the Core Council.

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