Student Spotlight| Disney work-study | Grace Robbins

Grace Robbins, an Applied Science major, spent this semester working for Disney as a part of her college program. This was a dream come true for Robbins as she has always wanted to work for them someday.

“I was so excited to receive the opportunity to work for Disney because I have wanted to work for them for so long,” Robbins said. “My dream literally came true and I was so happy.”

Robbins works as a food and beverage quick service cast member in the Frontierland area of Magic Kingdom. Robbins said she hopes to move up in the company and continue working in food and beverage or hospitality.
“I want to continue to gain experience through the food and beverage operation [and] learn how I can move my way into higher-level positions in the company,” Robbins said.

Robbin said despite some of the drawbacks of the job, she still is grateful for the experience.

“I dislike the long hours and the pain that I get in my feet, but I am so happy to be there,” Robbins said. “I have been here a month and still love it!”

Robin thinks every student should have an opportunity like this!

“You learn how to be a better worker, meet people and make friends from all over the world, [and] learn how to balance work and school,” Robbins said.

Advice to a younger Grace:

“Never stop working toward your goals. It may take some time to get your goals accomplished, but they will be achieved if you don’t give up and work as hard as you can,” Robbins said.

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