Alumni Spotlight: Ross Bradley

Today we would like to recognize UA Little Rock Alumnus, Ross Bradley. During his time at UA Little Rock, Mr. Bradley was a member of Phi Kappa Phi and also a GSA member. Mr. Bradley now serves as the Communications and Special Project Coordinator in the Office of the Provost.

What is your fondest memory during your time at UA Little Rock?
“I think the fondest memory I have of my time as a student at UA Little Rock was working at the University Writing Center (UWC). The University Writing Center provides writing assistance to UA Little Rock students and sometimes staff and faculty.

The staff of the center is made up of undergraduate and graduate students interning for credit and also a few graduate assistants who help supervise the center. Every day was different in the UWC because of the nature of the work. I got to work with many different students, both as a tutor and working with the other interns and graduate assistants. And, I learned a lot about writing and writing education, but also made a lot of connections and friends through this experience.”

What was your favorite campus event?
“I always enjoyed opening week events and particularly Barbecue @ Bailey. It was fun seeing all the different pieces of the university present themselves, whether at tables for students or events and how they all fit together to form UA Little Rock.”

What was your favorite course?
“My favorite class was RHET 7312 Language Theory. In this class, I learned about the background of language and the intersection of oral communication and written communication. In a lot of ways, it was like a history class on language, but we also examined how languages change and are continually changing.”

What advice would you give first-year students attending UA Little Rock?
“My best advice to a freshman would to not be afraid to explore different classes in your education and to get out of your academic comfort zone. Many programs at UA Little Rock are designed to allow students to take various electives that don’t necessarily fit into that specific field. I took a few classes that were not writing based and not only did I enjoy them, but I think they made me a more well-rounded student.”

What advice would you give to graduating seniors?
“I would tell graduating seniors to take it slow, and by that, I mean it’s ok to take a break after completing your degree. I think a lot of students rush into finding a job right after graduating or going straight into a graduate program. I do think to take some time to reflect on your education and what you want to do after graduation helps you make better decisions.”

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