Student Spotlight: Jonathan Nwosu

Today we want to recognize graduating senior Jonathan Nwosu. Jonathan is a political science major who has served UA Little Rock as the Vice President of the Student Government Association and Political Science Club President. He also served as International Simulations President, Student Government Associate Justice, Director of Marketing for the Maroon Mob, and Student Government Association Senator.

Jonathan is a recipient of The Last Mile Scholarship, an initiative that financially assists graduating seniors with the funds they need to finish the few remaining courses required for graduation.

How has The Last Mile Scholarship helped you?

“The Last Mile Scholarship has helped me because I didn’t have to depend so much on loans during my last semester of college.”

You are very involved on campus, what are some of your hobbies?

“Some of my hobbies are playing video games and hanging out with my friends.”

What are your plans after graduating?

“Later down the line in life, I want to become a defense attorney. My plan after graduation is to take the following semester off and study for the LSAT to get things ready so that I can apply to law school in fall 2020.”





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