Alumni Spotlight: Lindsey Stroud

Today we want to recognize CSSC alumna and former employee, Lindsey Stroud. Lindsey served as an Assistant to the Dean and made a profound impact on the lives of students and staff.

What was your most memorable moment while working for CSSC, and why?

“My most memorable moment while working for the CSSC would have to be my first CSSC Awards Ceremony. I start in August, and planning for the Awards Ceremony began in Nov/Dec. It was my favorite because you were able to see all the students receive their awards/scholarships; they work hard. The awards ceremony is held at the Governor’s Mansion and is always a beautiful evening.”

“My job duties as an Assistant to the Dean weren’t the same every day( which I liked). I would manage the office, coordinate the Dean’s calendar, and help with the Advisory Council. I was also able to do a Fall Festival with E-stem students, and coordinate food drives within the CSSC to donate to the UA-Little Rock Trojan Food Pantry. It’s those things that allowed me to see that even though I wasn’t directly involved with students, I was still able to help make a difference on campus.”

What do you love most about UA Little Rock?

“I would recommend someone to go to UA Little Rock if they want faculty who care! They care about all of you! The faculty I was able to be taught by in the Rhetoric and Writing Department are terrific!!! They care when you miss class because you overslept, or had car trouble, or couldn’t find childcare. Not only do they care but they will work with you… in all seriousness, if you want to go to a college that faculty care about you, understand things happen, and will work with you as long as you ask/tell them, then UA Little Rock is for you.”

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