Tom Bailey

Tom Bailey is a native of Conway, Arkansas. He graduated from UCA in 1969 with a BS in Biology. While at UCA, Mr. Bailey spent two summers as an intern for Boeing Aircraft on the Saturn V/Apollo project learning computer programming.

Mr. Bailey has a 42 year career in Information Technology in a wide range of industries including; Textiles, Metals manufacturing, Scientific manufacturing, Healthcare, Insurance, Banking, and Computer Hardware and Software. Mr. Bailey spent a career committed to becoming an outstanding public speaker. He spent the last 12 years of his career at EMC2 Corporation in the Executive Briefing Center as a spokesperson for the company. His title of “Senior Evangelist” reflects his expertise in speaking and his ability to influence critical decisions.

Over his career Mr. Bailey has delivered over 10,000 motivational talks, seminars, and technical presentations and is credited as being one of the most effective public speakers in the industry. He combines the skills of performance and motivation to produce extraordinary results as measured by his employers (Sales, Closes, etc.).

Mr. Bailey has documented the habits and skills necessary to become increasingly effective over a lifetime. A few simple habits, incorporated into your daily schedule will lead to consistently improving performance from the first day you put them to use.