Internship Information for Students

What is an Internship?

An internship is a form of applied experiential learning that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting.

What is the purpose of an Internship?

The purpose of an internship is for students to acquire professional skills and gain career experience in supervised settings.

Why should I do an internship?

University Internship programs are frequently listed as a key place employers look when recruiting new hires. Internships provide a student an opportunity to test-drive career options and to gain valuable experience and skills in a process that will make them more competitive and marketable in today’s job market.

What are the benefits of a student Internship?

In addition to learning hard skills used to complete tasks, internships also help build soft skills needed to interact in a professional setting. Take advantage of a opportunities to practice your communication and interpersonal skills and experience and understand organization/company cultures.

CSSC Internships for Academic Credit

Internship experiences may be completed for academic credit and are managed by individual Academic Departments with support from CSSC and The Link. If you think you are ready to complete an internship, make an appointment to speak with any of our Departmental Internship contacts listed below who can help you think about your options and create a plan.

School of Mass Communication

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Department of Speech Communication

Department of Rhetoric and Writing

Department of Criminal Justice

Department of Psychology

Department of Political Science