College Mission and Vision

Our History

The College of Social Sciences and Communication at UA Little Rock (CSSC) was founded in 2014. The college features an inspirational combination of disciplines designed to prepare the next generation of professionals for central Arkansas.

From the social sciences, the college boasts the pillar academic disciplines of psychology, the School of Public Affairs, criminal justice, sociology and anthropology. In those disciplines, students develop an empirical mind, the ability to think critically, and the skills to analyze data to offer practical solutions to real problems.

On the communication side of the college, we are proud to feature programs in applied communication, the School of Mass Communication, and rhetoric & writing. In these disciplines, students learn to express themselves effectively and ethically in interpersonal communication, in writing, and in the use of multiple forms of media.

CSSC also features service units and centers. We are the proud home of KUAR/KLRE, the Survey Research Center, the Communication Skills Center, the CRUX Lab, University Television, and the University Writing Center.

CSSC has 110+ faculty and staff, 1500 undergraduate and graduate students, and thousands of alumni and friends of the college. Together, we serve as action leaders to improve our community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to apply theory and research to drive social change and inspire human expression, reflection, and interconnection.

We accomplish this mission by (a) constructing deep and diverse learning opportunities for students in and outside of the classroom, (b) Producing, sharing, and responding to disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and community-based knowledge and research; and (c) Linking to the community through engagement and public service.

To enact our mission effectively, the CSSC community operates with the CSSC way; a compass that integrates our values and drive our decisions and initiatives (CLICK HERE FOR A PDF). Specifically, we are:

  • Knowledgeable – We are grounded in our discipline and export our expertise
  • Ethical – We do what is right and good for our community.
  • Welcoming – We are available, attentive, and present.
  • Supportive – We take care of each other and work to find solutions.
  • Relational – We value the power of relationships and respect one another.
  • Positive – We focus on strengths and capitalize on opportunities.

CSSC Alumni Mentoring Program Kick-Off Meeting

Priorities & Vision for the College

Our priorities are part of an enduring quest to:

  • Develop a sense of community inside and outside of the college and to foster a positive academic culture.
  • Do everything we can to support our student’s success and prepare them for their professional lives.
  • Support research and teaching excellence in every corner of the college.
  • Grow our enrollment numbers and create new meaningful academic programs.
  • Cultivate a wealth of friendships to raise funds that will benefit our students, faculty & staff, and programs.
  • Improve ourselves every day and to serve our community.

The 5-year vision for CSSC is to:

  1. Retain 85% of our faculty and staff.
  2. Increase our graduate and retention rates by 10%.
  3. Improve our learning spaces everywhere in the college.
  4. Create an interdisciplinary PhD program in communication studies.
  5. Promote our research mission and effectiveness to average 2 academic works per faculty each year.
  6. Raise $3.5 million in our development efforts.

Ross Hall 119 Computer Classroom with 36-Student Capacity

The College of Social Sciences & Communication is leading the wave at UA Little Rock. We are student-centered, on the edge of what is possible and what is good, and always focused on our mission to serve others.