Coronavirus Resources and FAQs

As the University moves to a virtualized teaching and meeting environment, we wanted to create a resource for CSTEM students to find out more about resource availability and support within the college. This is a living document and will be updated as the situation evolves. This is a supplement for specific CSTEM issues. For university-wide issues, please visit:

Office and Labs are Closed (contact info below):

Dean’s Office:

Computer Science:

Construction Management and Civil and Construction Engineering:

Earth Sciences:

Engineering Technology:

Information Science:

Systems Engineering:

EIT Student Services Lab:

Class Plans

Individual departments and faculty will be in touch for specific class plans and assignments.


Advising will take place virtually (phone, email, google meet). Please contact your advisor for details on the mode and timing.

EIT Events

  • The EIT Career Fair has been canceled – (student resumes are available).
  • The Research Expo on April 17 (EIT Open House) is planning to move online.

Summer Camps

EIT Summer Camps are still scheduled to occur. Please see for more details as to each camp and its status.

For university-wide updates and news on the COVID-19 response be sure to visit the campus information portal at