Annual Report

Values Statement

Mission Statement

  • Mission
    The mission of the Office of the Dean of Students is to educate students regarding the university’s expectations of behavior, to protect student’s rights,…  

Vision Statement

  • Vision
    The vision for Office of the Dean of Students is that the entire campus community will demonstrate civility and respect; that student conduct issues…  

Executive Summary


Outreach and Collaboration

  • Service to University Community
    Associate Dean of Students instructed Student Services Success Initiative PEAW course and leadership course targeted for minority men Presented campus civility presentation to students…  
  • Service to Faculty
    Provided expert advice to faculty, staff, and students in regards to the application of university discipline policies and behavioral standards Served as an advocate…  

Professional Development

  • Webinars
    To continue to stay abreast with changes, updates and guidance concerning issues dealing with students, DOS staff attended the following webinars: Sudden Student Death…  
  • Conferences and trainings
    Attended and participated in the Association of Student Conduct Administrators (ASCA) Gehring Academy (a week long intensive institute designed for participants to learn theory,…  


Future Goals


  • Future Goals
    Develop new and innovative methods to educate the campus community on behavioral standards, disciplinary procedures and consequences Continue to provide on-going training for members…