Steps Toward Redress For Academic Dishonesty

The Faculty Handbook and the Student Handbook outlines the university’s policies and procedures created by the faculty and passed through UA Little Rock Faculty Senate for handling academic misconduct The policy is summarized as follows:

  • Notify student, department chair and dean of students of the charge(s) by completing an Academic Offense Allegation Report Form. These forms can obtained from your department chair or the Office of Dean of Students.
  • Upon receipt of the notice, the student should schedule a conference with the faculty member to discuss the allegations. The student should understand the allegations and be given the opportunity to present his/her position. If the student admits to academic misconduct or the faculty member still believes a violation occurred, a grade penalty can be imposed. The faculty member must notify the dean of students/designee of the outcome of the conference.
  • Within six class days of being notified of the charge(s), the student should schedule a meeting with the dean of students/designee to discuss his/her due process rights and address the allegations. If the student admits to a violation, a sanction is imposed and any grade penalty stands.
  • If the student denies academic misconduct, he/she may appeal to the Academic Integrity and Grievance Committee within ten days of receipt of the Academic Offense Allegation Report Form. Failure to appeal within ten days will result in imposition of the grade penalty and/or disciplinary action and waiver of the right to appeal.
  • The chairperson of the Academic Integrity and Grievance Committee will convene the committee for a hearing. (Cases rarely go to AIGC for appeal and adjudication.)

A flow chart illustrating the Procedures for Academic Offenses and Grade Appeals can be found HERE.