2012 Campus Campaign Reaches Goal of 50% Participation

During UALR’s first comprehensive fundraising campaign, It’s Time for UALR, donations from faculty and staff represented more than $3 million of the record $103.6 million raised. Following the conclusion of the comprehensive campaign in 2011, faculty and staff continued to show their support through their gifts to the Campus Campaign It’s STILL Time for UALR. Donations by benefits eligible faculty and staff exceeded the goal of 50% participation by contributing almost $300,000, making 2012 the second best effort in the history of the Campus Campaign.

UALR’s faculty and staff play an important role in the success of the university’s annual fundraising efforts. Their generosity represents more than just dollars donated; it signifies that UALR is more than just a place to work but a place deserving of their support.

“Knowing that UALR faculty and staff support the mission helps us secure funding from other sources,” said Bob Denman, vice chancellor for development. “We have examples of donors who either made their decision to support UALR or increased their support based on the fact that our own faculty and staff were willing to support it themselves.”

Dr. Brad PattersonDr. Brad Patterson, chair of the 2012 Campus Campaign says, “The strong institutional commitment of UALR faculty and staff is evident by their answer to our call for their assistance. I am proud to have been a part of this campaign and of the fact that we were able to meet our goal. When the Campus Campaign began in 2001, 6.5% of the campus participated. That support has grown over the years to this year’s 50%.”

Sarah Lindsey Harrison, manager of annual giving at UALR, explained that the focus of the Campus Campaign is not on the amount given, but on the impact that this giving can have on the university, and donations of any amount given during a calendar year are included in that year’s campaign.

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