David Goodwin: Sharing His Time Talents

Sharing His Time Talents

David GoodwinWhen David Goodwin called UALR Alumni Association to investigate oppurtunities to give back to the institution he feels gave him so much, he never dreamed he’d be spending the next few years serving as a tutor and mentor to elementary school-aged children.

Fortunately for the UALR Children International program, what started out as a ‘let’s try it and see what happen’s volunteer venture turned into a match made in heavem. David eventually went on to assist with the outcropping of that program: a computer training class for the parents and guardians of those same children.

David tells the story of when he knew he’d really made the connection with one child. “She looked across the table at me and said, “Can I touch your hair?” What might have seemed like a strange request to others merely signaled to David that his efforts to reach this little girl and gain her trust had finally paid off. It was on of many rewarding moments during his time at the UALR Homework Center.

Finding Meaning in Work and Life

Born into a family that loves medicine, David’s efforts to find satisfaction in his work life weren’t initially as successful. His brother helped by taking an active role in exposing David to various areas of medicine, and that’s when the magic happened.

Advances in technology created a new medical profession and David was ecstatic to be among the first group trained to become cardiac sonographers. It’s a profession he continues to practice and love 31 years later.

A job opportunity at UAMS brought David to Arkansas, and he took advantage of tuition discounts to attend UALR. What started out as an interest in speech communications turned into a bachelor’s degree, followed by a master’s degree in adult education.

David represents the best of UALR: smart, witty, and philanthropic. He’s given of his time and talent, garnering the 1999 UALR Alumni Association Volunteer of the year Award, and he’s taken that generous spirit to the next level by naming UALR as a major beneficiary in his estate plans. We’re glad to welcome him as a member of UALR Heritage Society.

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