LR Radio DJ Gives Back with Scholarships

A birthday is a celebration of another year of life and that usually means plenty of presents.

But this week, popular Power 92 radio deejay Tre Day decided to turn his big day into a celebration for others.

His voice is one you’re used to hearing in Central Arkansas every afternoon. But what Tre does away from the audio booth is something special.

“My heart is still here and I just think education can fix so many other issues and problems we have in the world,” he says.

Tre has reached a milestone by turning 40, but instead of a big party or asking for a lot, he decided to simply give.

“Well, I’ve never written a five-figure check before, so I’m a little nervous,” he explains.

The $10,000 is going to UA-Little Rock’s Mass Communications Department for the Scholarship.

“Our motto is to do little things for big dreams,” Day continues.

But this foundation has been able to do big things for these big dreams.

“UA-Little Rock is definitely one of the beacons of light in the city. I think of all my great memories here and how it changed me from a boy to a man and I know it can do that for so many other kids growing up in maybe rough and tough neighborhoods and areas of the city,” he adds.

By giving back on his birthday, this radio deejay is searching for solutions through education.

Tre hosts numerous events during the year, including a tennis tournament benefiting this scholarship.

Click here for more information on this year’s tournament. Registration information can be found at

Article written by Aaron Nolan of KARK Channel 4.

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