Message From The Chancellor

As I begin this third year at UA Little Rock I am grateful for your ongoing interest in this university. My aspirational goal is to make Little Rock a real College Town.  Your trust and optimism in our bright future has fueled and helped define our mission: to equip and transform the lives of our students with a highly relevant affordable education, while fueling the economic development and quality of life in Central Arkansas. Thank you for your faith in me and for your affirmation of the role that UA Little Rock plays in shaping our region.

I want to offer you a highly specific way to focus your support that directly benefits our students and creates a deeper connection for meaningful giving. I invite you to become a member of my “Chancellor’s Circle.” A Chancellor’s Circle membership provides funding to be used for a range of needs. For example: sending our students to conferences to share their research on a national stage; recognizing and enhancing faculty excellence in teaching scholarship and service; or funding enriching campus experiences through the performing arts, and more. These are transformative experiences for our students that build their dreams.

I invite you to become a member of my Chancellor’s Circle and join the 80 committed members who are investing in our students in this way. I look forward to communicating with you personally through “inner circle” updates, and joining you for Chancellor’s Circle events designed specifically with you in mind. Should you elect to join this inner circle, I offer my commitment to honor your giving and ensure it is always used to help our students and the university succeed. If a membership is not a possibility this year, know that your good will and friendship fuels my efforts daily.


Dr. Andrew Rogerson

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