Campus Campaign FAQ’s

Campus Campaign is our opportunity to come together and show our annual support of UA Little Rock. Whenever you give in any amount to a UA Little Rock event, scholarship fund or campus program, you are counted! Your participation matters!

What is the Campus Campaign?

The Campus Campaign is a year-round giving program tailored to faculty and staff. Our goal is to grow a culture of philanthropy and connecting you to programs you are passionate about.

I already work here, why should I give?

Employees who participate are an endorsement of the university, announcing to all alumni, friends, students, corporations and foundations that UA Little Rock is an institution worthy of support.

Does my gift really make a difference?

Your gift inspires others to give. Strong employee giving increases opportunities for private funding. Corporations and Foundations consider the percent of employees giving when making funding decisions.

When is the deadline?

The deadline to participate is December 31. To ensure your gift is counted, we encourage you to sign up for recurring payroll deduction. It’s painless and once started, it gives you the peace of mind or not having to remember to get your gift in at the last minute.

What is the minimum contribution?

There is no minimum amount. Gifts of any size make a difference! If you are a UA Little Rock employee and have received a tax receipt from Alumni and Development this calendar year, you are included.

What contributions count for the campaign?

There are many opportunities throughout the year for you to participate in by making a gift to what inspires you at UA Little Rock. Your gifts, big or small, can make a real difference as long as you are making a joyful gift to the greater good. Here are some of the historically popular opportunities to consider supporting: Alumni Association Membership, KLRE/KUAR, Trojan Season Tickets (any sport), Helping Hands, Fundraising Event Tickets (Taste of Little Rock), Trojan Food Pantry, or the Trojan Career Closet. Please contact Laterika Tooks, in the Office of Alumni and Development to better align with what matters most to you while offering support to those who need it most.