Accommodated Exam Changes

Testing Center stations

Testing Center Stations

For years, faculty have requested a better solution for administering accommodated exams than the current method of the student testing in the faculty office or departmental conference room. The Disability Resource Center and Testing Services conducted a survey of faculty during the spring 2013 semester, asking if they would utilize a centralized location for proctored accommodated exams, and the response, not surprisingly, was very positive.

In response, accommodated tests can now take place in Testing Services, in Student Services Center, Room 315.

We have provided detailed information on how it will work. This information can also be found by following the test accommodation links in the faculty notification letters, which are now sent via email.

We would sincerely appreciate feedback on the procedures, so we can work on continually improving the user experience for everyone involved.

computer screen showing testing stations

Computer Screen Showing Testing Stations

Benefits for students:

  • Secure, reliable, predictable, and quiet testing environment
  • Centralized location for testing
  • Adaptive technology readily available as needed

Benefits for faculty:

  • No longer responsible for finding a suitable testing environment
  • Tests are proctored and secure
  • Flexibility in scheduling

For any faculty unsure if this would be a good venue of testing for a specific course or for any other questions, please contact Sharon Downs in the Disability Resource Center.

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